Think About Ink

WHAT TO THINK ABOUT INK WHAT’S YOUR COMPANY’S POLICY ON TATTOOS? Approximately 45 million Americans have a tattoo, according to Inked magazine, and 40% of Americans ages 26-40 are tattooed. That’s a huge part of the population! So, can you fire someone based on a tattoo? The simple answer is, “yes.” But, first you should… Read More

What Makes a Great Leader? It May Not Be What You Think

Your highest-performing employees- the ones with the most knowledge about the company- may be who you’re earmarking for leadership positions. But, not all great workers make great leaders. As a matter of fact, good leadership can have little to do with the ability to produce as an employee. Your company’s “stars” may be getting your… Read More

When It’s Time to Grow: Going from You to Two

Keeping overhead low is an important consideration for any small business. So, it is a big step to go from an owner-managed organization to a company with an actual employee. You may get to the point, though, where you realize that increasing revenue is contingent upon increasing capacity. When you do, you’ll need to be… Read More

Do Good Friends Make Bad Employees?

There’s an old saying: Don’t mix business and friendship. But, does that always hold true? Do good friends always make bad employees? Joseph Jackson, Founder and Managing Partner of the Resource Squad weighs in. “Hiring friends can definitely be problematic,” said Jackson. “First of all, it’s difficult to discipline and train friends the way you… Read More