Having Trouble Finding Good Employees? Maybe You Haven’t Looked in the Right Places

Sometimes, you just can’t fill your employee roster. You’ve tried, but you either can’t find the right candidates or the candidates you find don’t last. It’s frustrating at best. According to Joseph Jackson, Founder and Managing Director of The Resource Squad, you may be overlooking some of the most valuable pools of candidates: Teens and Young Adults, Seniors, and those with Disabilities. “There are some stigmas surrounding these employee groups which keep companies from pursuing them,” said Jackson. “In my opinion, though, these are some of the most valuable groups from which to hire,” he added. Here’s what Jackson has to say about untapped employee pools:

TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS:  Lack of work experience and competition from adults puts teens and young adults at a disadvantage when seeking work. There are also restrictions concerning work hours and conditions. And, of course, candidates in this age group often have school responsibilities which limit their work availability. “If you are able to offer flexible schedules and conform to legal guidelines, then you can benefit immensely from hiring young adults,” said Jackson. “These young people are eager and able to learn, will teach you to be a better leader and mentor, and can infuse new energy and ideas into your business,” he suggested. “Don’t discount someone just because of age. They may end up being a long-term and incredible valuable employee,” he said.

SENIORS: “There are more seniors entering the workplace seeking part time or full-time jobs,” said Jackson. These candidates most likely have a great deal of experience but are often dismissed as being overqualified for the roles they seek. “There are also ageist myths regarding their tech savvy and speed of performance,” said Jackson. In Jackson’s experience, seniors can be some of the “most loyal and dedicated workers.” With the right training and orientation, these employees may be the most reliable, wise, and valuable you could have. 

EMPLOYEES WITH DISABILITIES: “In my opinion, companies do not do nearly enough to hire from this population,” said Jackson. The disability may be cognitive, physical, or behavioral, but that doesn’t mean a candidate isn’t able to perform highly and with great enthusiasm. “Sometimes minimal accommodations are needed,” said Jackson. “But, it’s worth it to invest in dedicated employees,” he added. As Jackson pointed out, companies such as AT&T, Walgreens, and Microsoft are committed to hiring persons with disabilities and finding great success. “With every new employee, investment in good training generally brings good results,” Jackson said. 

Don’t let stigmas keep you from hiring what might be your best and brightest employees. And, once you bring a new employee on board, make sure you take time to properly train and onboard the new hire to ensure a better chance of success. To assist with your hiring, training, and employee management, reach out to The Resource Squad for solutions.