HR Services for All Types of Businesses and Business Needs

Small Business Human Resources Solutions

The Resource Squad provides people support and people systems to give small business their own remote HR Department. The level and type of service depends on the needs of your company. Select the package that is right for you.

Types of Services included within the 3 Packages

  • Remote Squad Business Partner
  • Benefits Administration
  • Branded Company Web Portal
  • E-Learning Training System (HR, Health and Safety, etc.)
  • Human Resources Systems
  • HR Audit Tools Annually
  • Custom Services (call for assistance)
  • Online Custom HR Forms

  • Online Employee Handbook
  • Online Employee Files
  • Online Onboarding
  • Payroll Processing
  • Recruiting And Hiring
  • Time And Attendance Tracking
  • Live Webinar Trainings
  • For Additional PEO Services, Call For Assistance

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Three Service Levels

This is the core of what we do. Our team of seasoned professionals with various degrees and certifications are available to support those Owners, Managers or HR assistants with their HR-related questions. As your Squad Partner, we can give recommendations on how to handle staffing questions, provide information on current or new changes to state and federal labor laws and provide periodicals and other literature from well-known HR or legal associations. We work to understand the business of our client so we are always staying apprised of relevant information for those businesses.

Our team will provide a self-guided HR compliance audit so a company may know where their risks are, and a review of any current policy manuals. Companies will have a portal for their managers to access trainings, periodicals and other relevant information. Have a question? Just call, email or reach us from your phone.

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This package provides a more interactive service for Managers and Employees. Managers get the same services as under the Squad Partner, but with additional resources for the employees. The company will have a branded website to use for their managers and their employees. Managers and employees will have access to a customized online employee handbook designed for the company that is automatically edited as changes arise with federal or state laws. The company portal will contain all relevant HR forms, customized for the business, online employee file folders, labor law posters and online trainings for managers, HR professionals and employees; through webinars and learning management systems.

Our team will be able to assist your employees with other services such as employment verifications for loan applications or other general needs as coordinated by the managers. The Squad Business allows us to become a business resource for your entire team.

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This package turns us into your external HR department. Designed for companies that have no internal HR team and want to have this done externally without burdening the current team. It includes the services from the Squad Partner and Squad Business. It also includes benefits administration and payroll processing using the systems resources of the Resource Squad and its partner agencies (payroll systems costs not included). The squad also provides limited on-site services as required for management training, auditing and personnel support.

For further on-site servicing, we can contract out our HR Squad teammate for part-time and full-time support. This is an additional staffing cost, but the teammate would have direct access to updated trainings, industry standard changes and support from the Resource Squad’s full team.

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